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Blockwise provides a suite of analysis tools for comprehensive analytics for crypto investors.

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News & Liquidations

Get alerted when there are large liquidations and big Crypto news stories.

NFT Sales Alerts

Never miss another cryptopunk, bored ape, or meebit sale.

Crypto Alerts

Never miss an opportunity to make money because you weren't paying attention.

Price Alerts

Triggers if any asset crosses over 5% change in price in 24hrs

Volume Ranks

Tracks the 24hr volume rank of the top 100 coins. Triggers an alert when any coin changes +-3 ranks.

Marketcap Alerts

Tracks Marketcap ranks. Triggers if any coin changes +-2 ranks.


Keep track of your favorite crypto.

Market Session

Get an idea of how BTC has been performing over the past week.


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Why is Block Wise Analytics the best tool for crypto investors?

“As someone new to trading, BWA helped me level up quickly — with the learning resources the community provides, paired along with the bot, which is worth the membership on its own, has helped me improve tenfold. In the month that I’ve been a member here, not only have I seen self improvement, but the admins are constantly looking for ways to improve.”

Discord Member

“I look back on joining BWA as the single most impactful decision on my trading journey so far. The entire group is cool as hell and helpful. The hunger in this group is infectious and after lurking the discord for a while you'll be on the grind in no time. The data, resources, and tools offered in this discord are extremely undervalued at the current price point.”

Discord Member

“A lot of smart people in here who seem to know what they’re doing. Will help guide u through the process of starting as long as u reach out to them for help. Resources in this group will do wonders as long as you utilize them right. Switched over to crypto trading and this group was prob the best decision I’ve made to help further my trading career.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BWA?

BWA is the result of 5 years of R & D into crypto trading. We set out to build tools that augment the average trader. Bringing tools and analytics available to quant firms to retail traders.

What is the BWA Bot?

The bot is a hybrid order execution system. It automatically calculates Entries/Exits, and places orders on exchange. It will send hourly updates to your trade journal.

What is algo generated analysis?

This command gets the historical data for 3 days. Analysis the trading range, PoC, PvP, and a Low/Mid/High timeframe analysis of trend. Creates a graph of Returns, VWAP, Market Profile.

Are my API keys secure?

We encrypt your API keys in transit and at rest, using industry standard practices. Our databases can only be accessed internally, and even if comprised this data alone will be useless. Always disable withdrawls when using 3rd party software!! Learn More.

What are the market session alerts?

Get nearest trading session: US, ASIA, EU. Looks back 7 days to analyze BTC Returns and Volume during the session day by day. Helps predict spikes in volume and volatility of the overall market. Learn More.

What is the BWA Portfolio?

BWA has bots scanning all Binance order books. We analyze the orderflow for bullish and bearish patterns. This command reads that data and creates a portfolio of the most bullish 9 coins. On default we aggregate the last 4 days of data for an optimal portfolio. Optionally you can specify a lookback window for how many days of data to analyze. Learn More.